Ffordd Penrhwylfa Speed Bumps

A number of local residents in the area have contacted me expressing their unhappiness about the speed bumps. Whilst some residents have said that the speed bumps have had the desired effect of slowing down traffic, others have expressed concerns that they have encouraged vehicles to use other nearby roads instead, resulting in increased traffic and associated noise. In light of this, I would now like to understand the full impact of the speed bumps on residents and road users. I would be grateful therefore if you could complete my survey.

Ffordd Penrhwyfla Speed Bumps

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Do you regularly travel along Ffordd Penrhwylfa, where the speed bumps are installed?
Have the speed bumps had an impact on you?
Do you support the presence of the speed bumps?
If you live in roads surrounding Ffordd Penrhwylfa, what impact, if any, have the speed bumps had on traffic in your road?