Covid-19: Assurance given that UK Government Joint Biosecurity Centre will benefit North Wales

Vale of Clwyd MP Dr James Davies has sought assurances from the UK Government that its new Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), which aims to bring together expertise and analysis to inform decisions on tackling Covid-19, will benefit all parts of the UK. 

In House of Commons proceedings on Thursday, James questioned the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove MP, over progress in setting up the JBC, which will advise on the UK’s coronavirus alert level, and asked how the Government will ensure that its work in controlling localised Covid-19 outbreaks extends across the United Kingdom.

The Minister told James that for the JBC to work effectively, it needs to work across the whole United Kingdom and confirmed “that devolved Administration Chief Medical Officers and Health Ministers have been working very successfully with the Secretary of State for Health in order to ensure that information can be shared in a way that benefits us all.”

Speaking afterwards James said: 

“The Joint Biosecurity Centre is being set up to provide independent real-time analysis of Covid-19 infection outbreaks. It will then promptly advise government on how to respond to localised spikes in infection rates.

“Our best chance of keeping Covid-19 infections at bay over the coming months will be through accurate, effective and timely measures, coordinated across the United Kingdom.

“I very much hope that the Welsh Government will see the value of working with the UK Government to ensure that the Joint Biosecurity Centre has a remit to oversee and advise on infection outbreaks in Wales.”