Parking charge notices from Morfa Hall car park

Over the past few years, I have been approached by a number of constituents regarding parking charge notices (PCNs) at Morfa Hall car park. I compiled a survey so that I could gather more information about this matter to inform my future actions.

The survey was not intended for active PCN disputes and I was most grateful for all those that responded to this survey.

As a result, I submitted a response to the Call for Evidence on the development of a Private Parking Code of Practice to feedback these concerns to the UK Government. I have attached a copy of this response to the bottom of this page.

I am also pleased that the UK Government has proposed introduction of a new nationwide system which will make paying for parking easier, after calling for such measures in my submission to the Call for Evidence.

For many years, millions of motorists have suffered the frustration of trying to park and finding they need to download or update unfamiliar apps in order to pay.

Richard Holden MP, UK Minister for Roads and Local Transport, recently announced that the Government is taking action through the creation of a National Parking Platform, which will connect together car parks up and down the country with all participating apps.

As ever, if feel you have received an unfair PCN, and have not yet paid it, then please do email and I would be happy to make representations on your behalf.


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